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WordPress Maintenance Plans

So you made a valuable investment to get a new website built. Awesome. It has a great design and is search engine optimized with high quality content. Even more awesome! So are you done now? No!! Or you shouldn’t be if you are using your website as a marketing tool (which you should be!). Websites are like houses. They need maintenance and upkeep. The Whit Group offers WordPress maintenance services under a few different models to support the the various needs of our clients. The point is though, whether you are doing it internally, or relying on someone like Whit, it is vital that you continue to update and maintain your website.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Search engines use web crawlers (high tech software programs) to scan the internet for websites. When you add new content to your site, web crawlers take notice and re-assess your site’s index position (ranking).

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Ongoing Website Support Options

Flexible WordPress Maintenance Services

We realize that each client is unique. Therefore our WordPress Maintenance Plans can be tailored to fit the needs of each client. We offer retainer engagements, as well as on demand support.

“I am so happy that I found The Whit Group! When I contacted Stuart I had just been asked by our Exec Team to take over managing this area by adding it into my IT arena, so it has been fortunate for me that I found you right as I was coming out of the gate!” – Jim Faulkner, General Manager of Guest Services, IT & Fund Development, Be In Health

  • Strategic Planning

    Adding content just to add content will not improve your site’s search performance. Additionally, it will not add value to your prospects and customers. Whit will work with your team to develop a thoughtful and strategic roadmap for your website.

  • Content Updates

    We work with clients that rely on us to update their site content on an ongoing basis. Our copywriters are experienced in producing quality content that is meaningful to your target audience, while also ranking well with search engines. Alternatively, we also can provide keyword guidance and let your staff actually produce the content.

  • Quarterly Competitor Analysis

    Have you ever evaluated your competitor’s websites and what content strategies they are pursuing? Our WordPress maintenance services include a periodic review of your key competitors to identify any new content opportunities for your site.

  • Security Bundle

    Although not required, we encourage all of our clients to consider our WordPress Security Bundle. This hosted solution provides ongoing updates to your WordPress environment, protects your site with a Lets Encrypt security certificate, and includes daily backups and site monitoring software.

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