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Wordpress Web Development Outsourcing Service

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WordPress Web Development

Our WordPress Web Development outsourcing service is a great fit for agencies. You don’t need to get bogged down in coding WordPress sites. You undoubtedly need to know the basics, but rely on our coding expertise to get the job done.

“The Whit Group always provides cost-effective solutions and exceptional customer service. We trust them as our development partner.” – Craig West, Co-Founder, Bailey West Creative

How It Works

We have two options for agencies to leverage our white label WordPress services.

Option 1

“We’ve already completed the website design and have the requirements completely defined. We just want to hand The Whit Group the project files and have you build the WordPress site.”

  • You provide the requirements. Ideally this includes PhotoShop files and applicable instructions for UI/UX elements and any site features.
  • We give you a fixed fee quote. We provide a fixed fee quote based on the design files and instructions received.
  • Project Starts. You provide any missing required project artifacts.
  • Develop in testing environment. We build the site with little to no interaction from you.
  • Turn over for testing. Once thoroughly tested by a Quality Assurance resource, we open the site to you for testing.
  • Host or provide files back. When all testing feedback has been addressed, we host the website for you in our Nexcess hosting environment, or we transfer the files to a location you specify.

Option 2

“We need your help from the beginning. We want to leverage your expertise to help us define the website requirements and have you manage all phases of the project, including our agency’s role.”

  • Project Starts. Agencies often find it helpful to incorporate us during the discovery phase of a project so that technology considerations are properly factored in from the beginning.
  • We Proviede a Fixed Fee Quote for Development. We give you a fixed fee quote for development phase of the project based on the requirements defined in Step 1.
  • Develop in testing environment. In this scenario, we conduct status meetings with your agency account team during development. These meetings can include your client as well.
  • Manage client testing. Once development is complete, we will prepare a testing plan for you and the client.
  • Host or provide files back. As a final step, once the site is ready for production, we can host the production site for you, or transfer the files to you as directed.

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Case Study: Maris West & Baker

We have a proven track record with agencies interested in outsourcing web development projects. But don’t just take our word for it.

“The Whit Group’s work was outstanding with our RiseUp Mississippi project, combining multiple databases into one easy to use interface. Their communication and project management organization is unrivaled from beginning to end. You always know where you stand in your scope of work.” – Austin Cannon, Creative Director, Maris, West & Baker

Outsource Web Development

  • MWB manages a WordPress website for Mississippi’s Institute for Higher Learning.
  • MWB was rebuilding the WordPress site and needed to convert the MSSQL database to MYSQL.
  • Whit was engaged to convert this database and rebuild the customer facing search tools in PHP.
  • Whit successfully completed this effort within the available budget.
  • As a secondary phase to this project, Whit was engaged to build a variety of Crystal reports that were generated from this database.