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Secure Website Hosting

One out of every three websites run on WordPress. Wow! It is feature rich, great for SEO, highly customizable and easy to administer. However, it is also a huge target for malicious activity. It is estimated that 83% of hacked sites are built on the WordPress platform. And once a site is compromised, the cleanup effort can be extensive.

Therefore, The Whit Group is extremely proactive in our efforts to protect customer websites. No company can guarantee your website will be hack-proof. But our WordPress Security Bundle provides a great first line of defense against unwanted attention.


Out of 1.89 billion websites globally, an estimated 50,000 sites are hacked every single day.

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How We Protect Your Site

When you rely on us to build your website, we know our job doesn’t stop when the site is taken live. Therefore, we offer a  WordPress Security Bundle that provides a great level of protection and can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Secure Hosting

    Our secure hosting environment is provided through our partner Nexcess. We maintain a reseller account in their data center, which allows us to rely on their superior support team for server monitoring and maintenance.

  • SSL/TLS Certificates

    As of 2018, we apply a security certificate to all websites we build. In today’s online world, consumers feel protected when your site has “https” instead of just “http”. Additionally, it’s not only beneficial for security, it will also help your search rankings. Today’s search engines reward company’s that place an emphasis on security.

  • User & Password Management

    We can manage system users and ensure complex passwords are utilized.

  • Scheduled Backups

    Nightly backups are created during off peak times that are stored for 30 days. If we need to restore a site, it can typically be completed within 2 hours of a request.

  • Site Monitoring Software

    Our site monitoring solution will add an additional layer of security to your site. In addition, it will scan for malware, monitor file changes and block suspicious activity.

  • Plugin Updates

    WordPress Plugins should be kept up to date, as these updates often address security concerns. We consistently update plugins on a scheduled basis throughout the year, reducing potential update vulnerabilities.

  • WordPress Version Updates

    Like plugin updates, its important to update to new WordPress versions as they are released. All of our hosting packages include this service.

  • Site Configuration

    We implement a variety of security best practices on WordPress engagements. This will include practices such as failed login attempt limitations and making certain cores files inaccessible.

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