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No one knows your business like you do. Sure you can write the copy, but your time is best spend growing your business. Let our expert copywriters do the heavy lifting for you. We are experienced in a variety of industries and are skilled at writing copy that supports an SEO strategy. We also work hand in hand with you and your team to make sure your content is on message and on brand.



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A Flexible Approach To Writing

Every client we work with is unique. They have different time commitments, skill sets and different perspectives on they services they are looking for. We understand this completely and therefore have a flexible approach to our copywriting service. Choose the approach that best fits your needs.

  • Copywriting

    No longer can companies in competitive industries get away with light copy on a small website and expect to rank well with search engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing place emphasis on several key factors when delivering search results. The volume of high-quality content on your site is one of these factors.

    Our copywriters produce well written content that effectively represents your brand and properly conveys the subject matter expertise your business has developed in your industry.

  • Content Editing & Proofreading

    Do you want to take a first stab at writing your copy? If you have the time for that, well then have at it! We offer a content editing and proofreading service to help ensure the content you write will optimally position the website to rank well in search.

    We conduct an initial meeting where we outline the content goals and keywords being targeted for your writing. Once you return from the writing abyss with a bunch of copy for us to review, our expert copywriters will make final edits before we publish the content on the site.

  • Keyword Consulting

    “I don’t even want you to proofread my copy. I just want you to research keywords for me and let me write it. Can you do that?” You’ll hurt our feelings, but ok!

    We understand that building a new website is a huge investment. At times, small business owners have to make choices and prioritize their investment. Therefore, if you want us to simply provide you some keyword targeting to incorporate into your copy, we can do that.

  • Ongoing Support

    We mentioned earlier that today’s search engines prioritize high quality content in their algorithms. They also prioritize sites that are consistently updated. Sites are rewarded for having fresh content on a steady basis.

    Whether its through a blog, new articles or community interaction, if you rely on your website for new business leads, then you must have an seo strategy that includes consistent website updates. We can be a resource for monthly blog posts, as well as other ongoing content initiatives.

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