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Staff Augmentation

Extend Your Reach | Part-Time & Full-Time Models

Nearshore Outsourcing Model

If you need to ramp up your in-house development team, or if you do not have developers on staff but you need to undertake a longer term software development project, look to The Whit Group to address this need. We provide a staff augmentation service for full-time as well as part-time web and mobile app development resources.

Engagement Model

  • Full Time | Part Time

    Engagements can be structured to provide full or part time service. Part time service must be engaged for at least 80 hours a month (basically half time) and requires certain flexibility given the resources will also be working for other clients.
  • Managed | Unmanaged

    Given the value we know it provides, we strongly encourage our clients to leverage Whit’s Project Management team to manage the retained resources’ work. However, it is not required. If you have the leadership on staff to manage the team productively, then you can retain the resources on an unmanaged basis.
  • Remote | Onsite

    Our typical engagements involve remote development resources. In certain instances, onsite resources are required. Whit provides both options and will work with you to determine the best strategy.
  • Duration

    Typical retainer engagements are for 12 months and are reviewed and renewed annually. Our minimum retainer engagement timeframe is 90 days.


  • Eliminate HR Costs
  • Eliminate Training Costs
  • Eliminate Equipment Costs
  • Disciplined Software Development
  • Scalable Growth Model

Case Study: Healthcare Services Provider

  • A healthcare services provider offers testing services in its market that are supported via its proprietary software solution. The architect of this proprietary solution resigned and the company looked to Whit to provide development services  for 12 months as it navigated a long term strategy.
  • Whit staffed the retainer with one senior .net architect and 1 junior .net engineer.
  • Project Management responsibilities were also outsourced to Whit, allowing us to develop a plan and manage the work from the outset.
  • “Executive oversight” time was factored into the retainer to allow Whit’s leadership team to engage during the year as needed on a strategic basis.
  • The engagement allowed for a quick transition and a continuation of work as the architect exited the company.

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