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We love when mobile app opportunities come our way. From gaming apps to apps that help run your business, we have the app development experience to turn your ideas into reality. If you are looking for a Mobile App Developer Jackson Mississippi, you have come to the right place.

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The Process

As with all of our software development initiatives, we follow a strict methodology when developing mobile applications.

  • Discovery

    You have an idea in your head or on paper. Our first job is to understand your goals and the experience you are trying to provide with the app.
  • Planning

    Requirements are carefully documented so that the envisioned user experience is understood by our designers and software architects.
  • UI/UX Design

    Now that requirements are defined, our mobile app designers get to work. Careful attention is given to the user experience to ensure a simple clean interface is produced.

  • Development

    Development is typically broken up into unique “sprints”. The conclusion of each sprint allows us to evaluate the functionality inherent in that sprint.
  • Testing

    Use test cases will be created to guide the testing effort of both our team and you as the client. We also conduct freeform testing on all applications.
  • Deployment

    Once testing is complete, we work with the client to push the mobile app to the store for approval and publishing. This process varies by platform.
Mobile App Developer Jackson Mississippi

Mobile Application Development Mississippi

Mobile App Developer Jackson, MS

Case Study: First Choice Medical Supply

  • First Choice, headquartered in Jackson, MS, distributes medical supplies to long term care facilities. They have 9 fulfillment centers across the country and were evaluating options to handle less paperwork in their warehouses.
  • The Receiving Department was a bottleneck and was identified as an opportunity to leverage technology to expedite the required processes.
  • Whit was engaged to build an iOS application that would nightly receive a file from FCMS’s back office that contained Purchase Order and inventory detail. This information was then used to allow daily receipts to be processed through the app and communicated to the back office in real time.
  • The app was integrated with a Honeywell scanner allowing scans to trigger certain functions in the app.
  • After the success of the initial release, the app was then extended to support the inventory putaway and quality control processes.

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