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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to build a website?
This is a tough question to answer. It’s kindof like asking how much does a car cost. There are inexpensive cars and then there are high end very expensive cars. They both server a purpose and both have a place in the market. Websites are somewhat like that. Depending upon your site requirements, it may cost a few thousand dollars on up to tens of thousands of dollars or even more. But here are a few ranges to give you a starting point:

  • Standard corporate WordPress website: $4,000-$9,000
  • Midsized corporate site: $9,000-$30,000
  • Large corporate site: $30,000+
  • eCommerce sites: $10,000-$50,000+ depending on many variables
  • Custom web application: Impossible to give a range here! But we love custom development. Give us a shout to discuss further.

How long will it take for you to get the site ready once we agree on a website design?
The scope of the site will dictate our timeline. However, we can get most sites build and live within 45-90 days.
What technology will you use to build my website?
We build corporate websites using WordPress as the content management system. Although we have experience with other platforms like Joomla and Drupal, WordPress is the best fit for the majority of our client’s corporate website needs.
Will my website be secure?
Effective as of August 1, 2018, we apply an ssl certificate to all of the websites we build, regardless if the customer requests it or not. There are several reasons for this. 1) It makes visitors to your site feel safe when they see your site uses a security certificate. Browsers are beginning to provide more prominent warnings to users when they visit a site that doesn’t have an ssl certificate. 2) It’s better for SEO. Search engines like secure sites. 3) It’s easier and cheaper now than ever before to apply ssl certificates. There is a new initiative called Lets Encrypt that we are big fans of. The ssl certificates are totally free and as part of our hosting service, we ensure that they ssl certificate never expire.
Will I be able to administer content myself or will you have to do that for me?
Absolutely. Most of our clients want to be able to update content from time to time. We will train you how to update content and will leave you with a training guide document that will explain the steps clearly in case you forget.
Do you do website hosting?
Yes! We offer a managed hosting service through our partnership with Nexcess. We maintain a reseller account within the Nexcess environment. So Nexcess maintains the servers for us, and we handle any website maintenance. Our starter WordPress hosting plan provides monthly plugin and WordPress updates, in addition to ongoing hosting.
What kind of ongoing support will you do on our website if you build it?
This varies by client. For some clients, we build their site and provide our basic hosting service (includes plugin and CMS tool updates). However, we know that websites need to be updated on a consistent basis. It helps SEO and it simply provides a better experience for your website visitors. Therefore, we encourage all of our customers to undertake an ongoing SEO campaign that allows us to continue to improve your sites’ content and how it ranks with google and other search engines.
My website was built by someone else. Can you take over the support of it?
Yes! Contact us to find out more about our takeover service.


How long does it take for you to get my site ranked well for SEO?
The dreaded it depends answer…but it depends! It can often take months to see meaningful improvements in search rankings. However, we can do a tremendous amount of onsite and offsite optimization within 60-90 days. We encourage all of our clients to build in an ongoing seo budget each year. We offer hosting plans that have this service built in. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Contact us to receive a personalized SEO plan.
How do you monitor my sites performance if I engage you to manage our SEO?
We have several tools that we use to monitor our client websites. You will get a report from us monthly that shows how your site is performing and what work we completed in the prior month.


What kind of apps do you build?
iOS and Android.
If I have an idea for an app, can you help me decide on a final feature set?
Absolutely. Depending on how far along you are in the process of defining your app requirements, we typically enter into a short engagement to document the requirements. We lead you through a discovery process that allows us to fill in the blanks and round out your apps feature set. This can take anywhere from 16-80 hours typically.


What eCommerce platforms do you support?
Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce. We have jumped in and provided support on other platforms, but these 3 are our focus.
What is PCI compliance and will my store be PCI Compliant if you build it?
You can learn more about PCI compliance here, but it is basically a standard that the credit card industry enforces on companies receiving credit card payments. There are certain safeguards that both your website and the data center must meet in order to be PCI compliant. Our hosting environment is 100% PCI compliant and as long as we are maintaining your website, the site itself will be PCI compliant as well. However, please be mindful that there will be other requirements your business must meet to maintain PCI compliance that are beyond our control.