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Today’s environment offers a wide variety of options when it comes to e-commerce solutions. We can get an e-commerce website up and running within a matter of days, while more complex business models can be supported by leveraging one of many feature rich 3rd party tools in the marketplace.


Whit recommends and has experience with the following platforms. Your specific eCommerce requirements will dictate which platform we recommend.

  • Woocommerce

    WooCommerce is an ecommerce extension for WordPress websites. It is capable of supporting sophisticated needs. As a WordPress extension, it is not available in a SAAS model.
  • Shopify

    Shopify is a leading SAAS based ecommerce solution. It is a recommended platform for clients with moderate customization needs that want the comfort of a publisher hosted solution.
  • Magento

    Magento is a robust solution with a proven track record. It can support extremely sophisticated requirements, yet also now offers a SAAS solution for more traditional ecommerce needs.
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Case Study:

This started as one of The Whit Group’s pet projects…nothing like plugging your own work right? Whit Group’s sister company Online Exchanges, provides eCommerce marketplace sites to passion pursuit industries. Whit built the platform on Magento’s Community Edition software, and Online Exchanges launched Golfing Exchange as the first site earlier this year.

  • Consumer to consumer marketplace website
  • Custom PayPal Express checkout process allow a single customer payment to be split between up to 5 sellers
  • PayPal API integration to confirm sellers are PayPal Verified
  • Q&A module allows questions to be submitted to sellers through the site
  • Responsive design gives an “app-like” feel on mobile devices
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eCommerce Hosting

Just like with our other web development work, Nexcess is our hosting partner of choice for eCommerce sites. Their service is extraordinary and they are trusted by thousands of eCommerce stores across the country. The proved to be such a valuable Magento hosting partner for us, that we migrated all of our client sites to their environment. You can be assured that your store is in the safest possible hands with Nexcess as the host.

For SAAS solutions, Shopify and Magento provide their own hosting environment.