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Website Security Certificates Made Easy

October 18

Let’s Encrypt recently celebrated a milestone of sorts. About a month ago marked the 3 year anniversary of the issuance of their first completely free website security certificates. Since that time, they have issued a whopping 380 million certificates! Not a bad 3 year effort, right? What Is It? Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated [...]

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The GDPR and Mississippi Businesses

September 21

“We don’t have any European clients. Do we need to address this new GDPR law?” I received this question and others like it earlier this year as we approached the effective date for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In fact, we continue to be asked about it frequently by clients and prospects. […]

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Contract Pricing: Time & Materials

May 1

The topic of the last post was fixed fee pricing and when it’s appropriate, what the benefits/drawbacks are, and what one can expect regarding pricing terms.  As stated in that post, regardless if the software provider is in the US, offshore, or nearshore, the only alternative to fixed fee pricing for most mobile app development […]

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Choosing a Web Design Company

February 9

Ok, so a few years back, you paid a designer to create a website for you. It looked great at the time, it supported your brand, and gave you a strong presence online. It was awesome. However, you’ve noticed that today it looks a bit outdated. Design trends seem to have changed, and you are […]

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Contract Pricing: Fixed Fee Projects

October 2

So you have an idea for a mobile app, or are in need of a web developer, or want to incorporate a new website design for your business, etc…you’ve done some research and you’ve identified a potential provider that you think is a good fit to do the work. They’ve scoped out your project, asked […]

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